I love babies and I’ve always had a love of music, art, technology and photography. My first creative love was music and I studied piano and voice for most of my early years. I have been fascinated with photography since I was 10 years old when my best friend and I would dress up and take crazy pictures of each other with our 110-cartridge film Kodak cameras and then get them developed at Walmart and laugh hysterically over how weird we looked.

I took a few film photography classes in college and loved developing in the old-school darkroom. I did a few other things after that, including serving in the U.S. Army for 8 years, completing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, working in finance and accounting for 10 years, moving to multiple states (I started in NY, now in TX), getting married, traveling to a few foreign countries, and having 3 baby girls of our own.

My favorite thing, besides photography, has been carrying my little babies around and loving their innocence and happy smiles. I adore the newborn stage and wish I could keep them tiny forever. Being able to combine my 2 loves into a career has been a dream come true.

I am located in Plano, Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I would love to photograph your newborn baby, children or family in my studio or in an outside location of your choice. Please contact me as soon as possible to get on the schedule. Call / Text: 734-660-5298 or email: alina.georgiev@gmail.com.

Plano Texas Newborn Photographer Alina Georgiev